Enjoy the Air: Can citizens’ actions help clean the air?

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Errol Kruger



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Australian Government




Created by social enterprise Mobility Champions, the ETA app is the first to link travel choices to air quality.

ETA is first to link commuter trip choices with Air Quality.

As cities develop, air quality declines. Traveller Behaviour is a powerful force to choose trip options improve air quality with ETA.

Go to https://eta.mobilitychampions.com/ to find out more.

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Will the changes to transport deliver the energy efficiency and air quality needed for Cities to be liveable again?

COVID forced a shift in consumer mobility preferences, feeding curiosity among citizens on emerging technologies that will change how we travel. Any citizen or business can join Mobility Champions, a social enterprise to hasten the benefits of low-carbon mobility.
The supply of EV’s put an end to internal combusion and this is only the beginning! Today, ride share and new car sharing platforms present more efficient utilisation than outright ownership. The rise of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) inter-modal transport services mean people can test alternatives to their ‘normal’ commute. Smart first mile/last mile technologies combined with micro-mobility and active transport allow commuters to reduce total days they drive and park.

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