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We have heard the statistic that research papers are only read ten times and we think that is wrong. Science is amazing and we believe it deserves to be heard.

Here at Sci Ani, we convert your research paper into an engaging voiceover script, before creating a beautifully-designed animation from that. We make sure everything is exactly as you want it, from the voiceover to the colour scheme, and we only ever publish or ask for payment once we have your approval.

Put simply, Sci Ani was created to help researchers become more visible and to help satiate society’s interest in science. We’re here to educate and help the public improve their understanding for science – one researcher at a time.

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Research should be accessible to everyone

Our ambition

Science is an extremely broad topic. From physics to chemistry, to geoscience and biology – science incorporates all these disciplines.

It’s a bit like a house. Each topic represents a brick which, when put together, build to create a home – a home where research ideas and collaborations between disciplines can unite science as one.

But, within this analogy, it’s you – the scientists and researchers, the cement between the bricks – who make this exchange of ideas possible. Through your tireless research, you are constantly preventing illnesses, curing diseases and ensuring scientific understanding is always moving forward.

However, your research is often not seen nor heard by the masses; sometimes as few as ten people actually read your papers. Here at Sci Ani, we aim to bridge that gap and increase the public availability of science.

We believe research should be accessible to everyone, and in a way that makes sense. No more complicated scientific jargon: our ambition is to produce animations that make your research accessible, visual and engaging.

We’re here to educate and help the public improve their understanding for science – one researcher at a time.

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Our strategy

Work with us and we will take your research to the next level. It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3 – so what are you waiting for?

Step 1

Using your background information, we effortlessly create a script that reflects your research in a clear, concise and visually engaging way. This is then passed back to you for your feedback and approval – we won’t do anything until we know you’re 100% happy.

Step 2

Once the script has been approved, the words on the page are brought to life by one of our professional voice actors. If you have a preferred accent or gender for your voice over, just let us know – we have a selection ready and waiting.

Step 3

Now we have the script and the voiceover, it’s onto the fun part: the animation. Our design team work their creative magic, turning your complex science into a beautiful animation you’ll be happy to share with the world. Just put your feet up and relax.

Once your animation has been finalised and approved by you, our incredible social media gurus take over. Through a dedicated YouTube campaign, your video will not only be published across all Sci Ani social media channels, it will also be shared through our collaborative media partners.

This promises an outreach to over 250,000 followers, with a minimum 85,000 impressions guaranteed for your animation.

When we say your research will be heard, we really mean it.

Meet Our Team

Simon Jones


Kate Rossiter

Senior Project Manager

Troy Baker

Client Account Manager

Bradley Noades

Project Manager

Patrick Bawn

Animation Editor

Emma Feloy

Editorial Director

Gareth Sayers

Lead Animator

Hannah Fraser


Alastair Cook

Operations Director

Rachel Perrin

Senior Editor

Where are we from?

Sci Ani is based in the beautiful town of Stroud in the Cotswolds, UK.
We have easy links to major academic centres of excellence, and our door is always open if you find yourself in the area.
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