Whiteboard Animation

What are the benefits of Whiteboard Animation?

Often, whiteboard animations are the first style that people think of when they want an explainer video. The simple visuals combined with the illustrating hand movement can be very effective. Because whiteboard animations take less time to create, this is also a lower cost option which can be an important consideration.

Importantly, the style may be simple, but it is far from simplistic. We find these animations work brilliantly to introduce a research paper, to explain a complex technology to a non-specialist audience or for education purposes.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

A whiteboard animation is a simulated version of a whiteboard explanation. We use stills of real hands in different positions to create the whiteboard effect. Whiteboard animations consist of text written onscreen by the hand and artwork which is either drawn in or added to the scene. The artwork is usually still rather than animated because the digital hand adds the movement.