Born out of a love of science and a passion for effective communication, we’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings in 2016. We started out in a log cabin in our founder’s garden with just three employees. Our mission? To communicate research effectively, beautifully and with maximum impact.

Since launching, we have worked with 215 institutions to create over 280 animations for research teams in 26 countries.

Our head office is now based in the gorgeous Cotswolds, UK. Over the last four years, our team has grown to include over 30 editors, animators, project managers, artworkers, social media experts and an occasional canine friend. We still share the same enthusiasm for science and communication that initially prompted our founder Simon to start the business.

The researchers and professionals we work with are busy people. Their work is fascinating, and they are passionate about it. But they don’t always have the time or the skills to effectively communicate their efforts to their chosen audience, whether that’s their peers, the public or potential investors.

So that is where we come in. Our team of communication experts will work with you to understand your needs, define your message and communicate it in the most effective way. We’re convinced that animation is a powerful tool for researchers.

Why researchers should use animation

3 million peer-reviewed articles are published each year in English alone. And the public appetite for research and its importance is only increasing.

But peer-reviewed articles are written for an expert audience and are difficult for the general public to access: they use complicated language, assume a high level of existing knowledge, and are often hidden behind a paywall.

So how can you communicate complex research to a broad audience?

Animation is the perfect tool:

The team are always happy to talk through the possibilities and help you decide what works best for you. Get in touch today.

Our office

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Our Team

Our talented team work hard to deliver the best quality for our clients.

Alastair Cook

Operations Director

Simon Jones


Charlotte Watt

Accounts + Office Manager

Emma Feloy

Editorial Director

Gareth Edwards


Gareth Sayers

Lead Animator

Michael Moseley


Mel Flynn

Junior Animator

Hannah Fraser

Senior Editor

Rachel Perrin

Senior Editor

Juliet Jessop


Sophie Bellamy


Eva Murtzen


Sam Crossley


April Keeble

Social Media Executive

James Harwood

Project Director

Kate Rossiter

Senior Project Director

Julian Barrett

Senior Project Director

Troy Baker

Account Manager

Kristian Townsend

Project Manager

Luke Tyler

Project Manager

Jamie Soffe

Project Manager

David Hamilton

Project Manager

Will Mountford

Creative Project Manager

Lorian Payne

Project Director

Pawel Cieslak

Web Design Manager

Rebecca Ingle


Dora Graur


David Rodriguez


Gokul Raj


Pinar Erkorkmaz


Adriana Echeverria


Emmanuel Ferreira