2D with 3D Models

What are the benefits of 2D with 3D models?

2D animations are perfect for many of our clients but there are some limitations which are worth bearing in mind. For example, objects cannot rotate if they are built in 2D. However, a full 3D project does come with a price tag which might be beyond the budget of many teams. So, if you need the added functionality of 3D but can’t afford a full production, 2D with 3D models may suit your needs. It combines the powerful storytelling capabilities of 2D animation, with the added depth and detail of 3D features.

What is 2D with 3D models?

For this style of animation, we will create the video in 2D except for a small element of 3D. As a guideline, we allow one 3D model per minute but this does depend on the complexity of that model. We would suggest that you use the 3D models for technical elements or for moments which benefit from added depth or the ability to view from multiple angles.

For example, in this animation, the majority of the animation is in 2D, but the crucial element of the membrane has been animated in 3D: