We provide a complete service, from script writing through to promotion. If you’ve already developed a script or storyboard we can also work from them. Our process has been developed and is constantly honed to keep things hassle-free and reduce your time input. We will work with you at each stage to ensure you’re happy before moving ahead. These built-in approval stages help us present you with a first draft animation that ticks all the boxes.

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01 Editorial stage

01 Editorial stage



Client Received

Our sales team will forward your information to your assigned editor, highlighting the fundamental details of the animation you require.


Information Request

The editor will then contact you and request further information through a capture form. This will provide key initial detail.


Introductory Chat

Once this information is received, the editor will also arrange an initial call with you, to discuss your requirements for the animation, ask any questions and make sure you are happy with the process.


Voiceover Script

Once the editor is confident they understand your requirements, they will commission the script for your animation. This will be kept short and concise, in order to fully engage viewers.


Scene Descriptions

Alongside the script, we will also prepare written descriptions of the visuals for each scene. These will explain what will happen onscreen to accompany each section of narration.

02 Editorial stage



Script Review

The voiceover script and scene descriptions will be sent to you for your approval. The editor may include a few requests for example images or clarification. We request that you check both the script and scene descriptions carefully. At this stage, we can make as many changes as you like.


Script Approval

Once your approval is given, the script and scene descriptions are considered finalised and no further changes can be made.


Voiceover Recorded

The approved script will be recorded by a professional voice actor. If you choose to use a different voice to our usual actors, we will provide you with a selection to choose from.


Voiceover Approved

The editor will send you the voiceover to review. At this point we can make changes to the tone or emphasis but cannot make script changes.


Storyboard Created

A member of the animation team will create the artwork to be used in your animation. This artwork will then be collated into a PDF storyboard that will allow you to see how each scene of your animation will look on-screen.


Storyboard Approved

The editor will send you the storyboard to review. At this stage we can make two rounds of changes to the scenes to ensure that the artwork is exactly how you’d like it to be before we animate it.

03 Animation stage



Animation Production

Animating is a fiddly and often time-consuming business. That said, we aim for this production process to take no longer than a few weeks, but this can vary depending on the length and complexity of the animation required. So, for instance, a three-minute fully 3D animation will take significantly longer to produce than a one-minute whiteboard animation.


Animation Review

The editor will send the first draft of the animation to you for your initial feedback and approval. At this stage we can make minor amends to the animation, for example altering onscreen text or changing the position of a character in a scene.


Animation Approved

Once any changes have been made and you are happy with the animation, the editor will ask you to confirm approval.


Files Finalised

Once you have given approval, the animation team will set up the final files. From here, your editor will pass your animation on to our social media team who will explain how and where it will be published.

04 Social media stage



Animation Published Online

Your animation will be published and promoted across the Science Animated social media channels; YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. It will also be hosted on the website. We will also post the animation through our collaborative partners' channels, ensuring a reach of 85,000 people with our global promotion. Bespoke promotions are available, but it isn't possible to guarantee a reach with these. We will provide you with relevant links to publish the animation across your social media and personal website as well. If you require help embedding the animation in your website or personal blog, please ask one of our editors or social media team.


Ongoing Statistics Monitored

Our social media team will continually monitor the statistics of your animation, taking note of the viewership demographics, view count and individual statistics for each social media channel. This is how we're able to guarantee a specific reach.



This information will later be collated and provided to you as an ‘Impact Report’, which details a breakdown of the metrics for the promotion.

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