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Researcher App provide a unique ability to promote and distribute your work to a specific audience within academia, they can help you to achieve that goal in a targeted, efficient way that gives you insight into where your research is making impact with other peers.

Researcher offer authors and principal investigators the opportunity to accelerate dissemination and impact for their work via paid distribution.

How it works

Let us know with where and with whom you would like your paper to have impact.

They will create a promoted version of your paper on Researcher, and ensure it’s seen by the users who match your needs.

Once the campaign is over, you will receive a report detailing the results - including an anonymised breakdown of users who saw, read and engaged with your paper.

Packages start at $500, which includes a special rate for individual PIs and authors.

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Researcher is the world's leading
dedicated mobile discovery platform for scientists and researchers

Over 60 publishers - including Springer Nature, American Chemical Society, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Annual Reviews and many more - trust Researcher App’s advertising channels to create engagement for them. You can see examples of how they work with them here.