We answered the most commonly asked questions below. Please feel free to ask any other questions you might have. Our team will promptly respond with the answers you need.


Will I own the animation when it is finished?

Yes, you will. The animation will be yours to use in whatever way you like. If you are willing, we will upload the animation to our YouTube channel and distribute it under the Creative Commons – Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives 4.0 license. This license means anyone is free to share, copy, and redistribute your animation through any medium, as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Attribution is given to the paper (title, authors, journal, year, DOI), as well as us at sciani.com
  • The material is not used for commercial purposes
  • The product is not modified in any way

This is not essential and if you do not feel happy doing this, there is no problem.

Who designs the artwork and creates the animation?

The script is created by your assigned editor in collaboration with a writer who is a specialist in your field. The editor then conceptualises visuals with the production team. Our professional artworkers and animators convert these ideas into reality, bringing your work to life. You can find out more by meeting the team.

When do you ask for payment?

Clients are invoiced upon commencement of production work. Once we begin our work, an invoice will be sent via email allowing payment to be completed in either GBP, USD, CAD or EUR. We are able to take payment via credit card or bank transfer, and we are very happy to work with your finance team to make this as smooth as possible.

Are there any hidden costs you don’t mention?

Absolutely not – what you see is what you pay for our packages. However, we may potentially apply additional charges in cases where you would like to extend your video, make more revisions, or change the voiceover once produced. Our process includes several different stages of approval to avoid charges like this. But should something happen to make them necessary, we’re honest and upfront with you, so you’ll always be in the know.

Will you keep my work confidential?

Of course! We will keep your work under wraps until you are happy for us to release it to the world. Because believe us, once it’s out there, it’ll be seen. Check out our Process page for further details on how we ensure this.

What type of research do you accept?

Absolutely anything you like. Whether it be quantum physics or molecular biology, our team are trained to deal with any discipline. We love a challenge, so why not put us to the test?

Why is animation important for researchers’ outreach goals?

We love this question! Research suggests 82% of all media consumed online by 2021 will be through video and animation. This means we are delivering the most effective outreach tool available to researchers. We feel there has never been a more critical time to engage the public with effective outreach. In fact, there’s so much to say on this that we wrote a whole blog article on it. You can read more on our About page.

Why does the price per minute reduce as animation length increases?

A longer animation takes more time to produce, so it makes sense that it would cost more. But, as the length of the animation increases certain costs remain fixed or at least don’t increase at the same rate as the production costs. We are therefore able to charge less per minute for a longer animation – because it costs us less per minute to produce.

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