Machine learning week 2022 – Las Vegas!

Have you ever thought of your laptop as smart? Perhaps only when it’s having a good day. However, (it might surprise you) machines can actually learn! Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) where computers and software applications can improve, optimise and adapt their functioning for tasks – all without the help of human intervention. Predictive analytics is the term for when machine learning is deployed commercially, and companies, governments and healthcare institutes are fast-adopting machine learning for a range of tasks, including analytical model building, big data management and speech recognition.

Without further ado – introducing Machine Learning Week – Las Vegas! Running between 19–24 June 2022, this seven-day event covers seven core areas of commercial machine learning, with 160 speakers and 800 attendees at the world-famous Caesars Palace in Nevada, USA. It’s a series of six Predictive Analytics World (PAW) conferences. PAW BusinessPAW Financial, PAW HealthcarePAW Industry 4.0PAW Climate, and Deep Learning World will explore the different ways machine learning can be deployed commercially.

Educate yourself this Machine Learning week and learn about clever AI. We swot up on how machine learning is helping to enhance combustor performance in aeroplane engines and is used for intelligent asset management. Automate your algorithms for fascinating machine learning content and start watching below.

How can we apply machine learning to enhance combustor performance in aeroplane engines?

The MAGISTER project, led by Dr Jim Kok, brought 15 early-stage researchers working at top-level European Universities and leading aero-engine manufacturers together to build intelligent tools to control clean combustion. The aim was to aid the aero-engine designers to make the transition to new and cleaner combustion systems. The intelligent tool improves the reliability of the engine and paves the way toward a cleaner atmosphere.

Python and machine learning for asset management

Applying advanced optimization and machine learning enables us to make sound and systematic investment decisions improving investment performance

Applying advanced optimisation and machine learning enables us to make sound and systematic investment decisions improving investment performance. Watch to find out how to identify patterns in the behaviour of a set of stocks, based on historical prices, using a form of unsupervised learning that only depends upon the stock price movements.