Meet the SciAni team – Sam Crossley

Get to know Sam Crossley, one of our senior editors here at SciAni.

How long have you been an editor at SciAni and how did you get into editing?

I’ve been working at SciAni for almost three years. In fact, the role caught me by surprise after completing my PhD, which specialised in the design and utility of technology to promote positive health behaviour change in youth. I was looking for a change but something that kept within the realms of academia and along came SciAni, the perfect cocktail of science with a creative touch.

Naturally, I was always more artistic than a science brain but through perseverance I built a strong intellectual understanding on how the two can crossover and combine for stronger storytelling. I’ve found that my additional 8-years of experience creating video content, from small start-up businesses to large educational institutes really supports my creative vision for story flow.

What is one of your favourite animations you’ve worked on and why? 

Hard question this…but for overall impact and feel, the animation ‘Why do cardiovascular science? Come see for yourself at the Watts lab’ comes to mind. The client was really fun to work with and engaged very creatively with our process from start to finish. I particularly like how the client wanted to make it as personalised as possible by recording their own voiceover, filming their own lab video content and using their own colourful artwork. All of this created something very unique to them!

What do you enjoy most about being an editor? 

For me, two things. The continuous learning of STEM topics through client discussions (I liken to mini-TED talks) and the creative planning of visual concepts for scene descriptions.

I’ve always been fascinated in learning new concepts and how this all interconnects back to humanity striving to overcome the big problems facing modern society. The magic then lies in connecting an intellectual idea to a unique visual that creatively flows when brought to life through animation!

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Maintaining a physically active lifestyle is crucial for me, keeping my brain in check while also replenishing my spirit!

I do a range of seasonal activities, but for general maintenance I focus on my endurance activities, swimming, cycling, and running (with the odd triathlon) – and if the swell is looking good, then you’ll find me surfing down the Cornish coast.

I more recently converted a small van into a micro-camper, so more adventures to come!

Sci Ani - Sam Crossley, meet the team
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