#OrganicSeptember 2022 – Even one item can make a difference

#OrganicSeptember is a month-long campaign organised by Go Organic UK to raise awareness of the amazing organic products, brands, and farmers who work so hard to bring us the best that Nature can offer. Organic products aren’t just for the ‘crunchy’ people among us, they have far more benefits than we can imagine. This year’s celebration is all about listening to Nature, and choosing to go organic – every swap is helpful for the soil, the wildlife, and even your own health!

The Soil Association says that switching just one item in your weekly shop from non-organic to organically produced can help change our food system for the better! Buying more organic products means more organic farms and fewer pesticides – this can only be a good thing for everyone, including our wildlife! And it’s not just our badgers and foxes, buying organic products mean that farm animals get raised under higher welfare standards. So, what are you waiting for? Find out more with us at Sci Ani, and get involved in #OrganicSeptember.

Growing organic crops is a lengthy process, but one that comes with high results for strawberry growers. Organic products are increasingly becoming more popular and accessible, with studies now looking into creating renewable natural gas from organic waste. Researchers are also calling for more studies on organic semiconductors, and even the wellness industry is weighing in on the matter, with hemp being sourced organically.

Organic strawberries: From plant to table

This animation shows the work of Innovative Organic Nursery, LLC (ION), who is partnering with leading growers throughout the US and Mexico to introduce the only industry-wide, commercially-available, certified-organic strawberry transplants.

Why is it so important to do research on organic semiconductors?

The EC-funded UHMob project aims at designing, synthesising, and assessing the performance of a novel generation of organic semiconductors creating a favourable environment for industrial innovations. These are cheap to produce and allow additive manufacturing of electronic circuits.

Anaerobic Digestion 101: How to make renewable natural gas from organic waste

By recycling the methane-emitting food and beverage waste from dairy farms, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create renewable natural gas. But how exactly can we do that? This video explores the process of anaerobic digestion, which is a solution to multiple environmental problems.

How did Planetarie revolutionize the wellness market?

Planetarie, have revolutionised CBDa processing with a new extraction method using only water and organically grown hemp. Cannabis is used to produce a variety of cannabinoids which can affect the human body in different ways. CBDa is the lesser-known form of the CBD that we’re aware of, and is more easily absorbed and more selective in its targeting. This provides potent pain relief without the gastrointestinal side effects caused by other pain relievers.