How can the use of Artemia improve the health and survival of shrimp and fish?

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The Great Salt Lake is the world’s largest source of Artemia, otherwise known as brine shrimp. Artemia is an excellent feed for developing shrimp and fish. Utilising more Artemia has been shown to improve the overall survival, growth, and health of shrimp and fish – resulting in significant savings and healthier shrimp and fish.

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Artemia specialists working to produce the world’s finest Artemia products from the world’s most significant Artemia source, the Great Salt Lake, for now, and for future generations. For over thirty years, we have appreciated the importance of providing excellent products and caring for and protecting this delicate natural resource. Service, value, and preservation make us different, and why we’re proud to be the stewards of the Artemia in the Great Salt Lake.

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