Making better hearing accessible to everyone

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Amanda Philpott



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UKRI Healthy Ageing Challenge Designed for Ageing Grant & Alzheimer’s Society grant




Age-related and noise-induced hearing loss is a worldwide problem that can have many negative impacts on people’s well-being. The impact can be mitigated or even in some cases prevented by looking after our hearing better. eargym is an app designed to help improve people’s hearing in everyday life through regular testing and training, which can have a positive impact on everyday enjoyment, social interactions, and the workplace.

Researcher Profile

eargym co-founders, Amanda Philpott and Andy Shanks, have both lived with age-related and noise-induced hearing loss and are motivated to build a purpose-led business helping people live well for longer. Between them, they have extensive experience working in multiple fields including the NHS, population health and care sector, business development, digital technology and production.

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