What connects the health of plants, microbes and insects with the food on your plate?

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The British Society for Plant Pathology (BSPP) supports our members across the world. BSPP is a voice for plant pathology; advancing education and research to protect plant health. Our Society organises scientific meetings, edits three international journals and provides financial support through diverse funding programmes. Protecting plants for a healthy planet.

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The BSPP is run by a committee of elected trustees from across the membership, to represent the society at all levels. We have four presidents, a secretary, membership secretary, treasurer, programme secretary, promotions manager, outreach and education officers. We attempt to represent our members to form a diverse group ranging from PhD students to Professors, with different backgrounds and including professionals from private industry, government and academia. The senior editors from our three journals and newsletter also play a key role in supporting the mission of our society to support and engage plant pathology education and research at a global scale.

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