Coping with trauma: What supports wellbeing for children’s home staff?

Project specs


Sarah Parry



Funding agency

Nuffield Health




Factors that influence the wellbeing of people working in children’s homes with young people in care who have often experienced multiple traumas. Findings suggest that developing helpful coping strategies, alongside collegiate and organisational trauma-aware support, are important to nurture workforce wellbeing. Based on wider research, the wellbeing of this essential workforce is critical to delivering good quality trauma-informed care. New research conducted at Manchester Metropolitan University, funded by Nuffield Health.

Researcher Profile

Dr Sarah Parry, clinical psychologist and researcher, has worked with children in care and the people who care for them for nearly 20 years. Sarah’s work focuses upon improving residential care and working conditions for frontline staff. Dr Jeremy Oldfield specializes in resilience research and Tracey Williams is a PhD researcher exploring how trauma-informed care and children’s stories can enhance services for children in care

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