DATAFACE – Close up: Your ID is your face

Project specs




Catherine Jasserand



Funding agency

European Commission (Marie Curie – Individual Fellowship)




Advances in facial recognition make it easy to identify people in real-time. However, the use of this technology in public spaces raises concerns about privacy and data protection. Its rapid roll-out has meant that specific legislation is lacking, and its position under existing legislation is not always clear. The EU DATAFACE project seeks to understand how applications of facial recognition threaten citizens’ rights and whether legitimate and proportionate uses of this technology can be defined.

Researcher Profile

Catherine is a postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven, within the Centre for IT and IP law (CiTiP), Faculty of Law. Passionate about sciences, she did her PhD research in the field of privacy and biometrics at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands. Since that time, she have dug deeper into biometric technologies (voice technologies and now facial recognition) to understand the impact that their use might have on individuals and society. She is a regular speaker at technical conferences where she discusses her research to bridge the gaps between the legal and technical communities.

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