EcoFLEXY: leveraging the power of nature in packaging

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Clara Capparelli






The Danish company, Cellugy, has developed a biocellulose material, EcoFLEXY, as a barrier coating or strengthener for paper and board. EcoFLEXY is manufactured from renewable raw materials, has a low carbon footprint, does not contain volatile solvents, is biodegradable and recyclable. Cellugy invites you to work together to create more circular products.

Researcher Profile

Just like biotechnology, the fight against toxic pollution also requires us to think big while working small, to take winding, non-linear paths towards progress as we strive to create plastic - like materials that can be transformed, repurposed, and recycled time and time again. As a team, we’re clearing those paths by continuously learning, questioning and testing our assumptions about the role new biomaterials can play in our production, consumption, and waste -management systems. Our vision is a bout gathering the right evidence, the right people, and the right knowledge to turn theory into practice, ideas into products, and potential into opportunity. Together, we’re uncovering circular, system - wide solutions that will truly change the world.

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