The fish revolution: How humans thrived and oceans shrank

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Joanne D'Arcy



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European Research Council




Fish has long played a vital role in human societies, providing food security and economic growth. But when did fisheries begin to have a significant impact? Once in the late 1500s and again in the late 1700s, fisheries accelerated rapidly and brought food security to European and American societies.

Researcher Profile

  • Poul Holm – Professor of Environmental History, Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr Patrick Hayes - Postdoctoral fellow, Trinity College Dublin (now University of Victoria, Canada)
  • John Nicholls - Data manager, Trinity College Dublin

    We aim to discover how the diversity, distribution and abundance of marine life in the world’s oceans has changed over the long term – in order to better inform future changes and possibilities for societies and oceans.

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