How do natural killer cells target cancer?

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Mark Lowdell






This animation demonstrates INmune Bio’s research which focuses on the signals needed to transition NK cells from rest to lytic function, and on why some tumours are more resistant to NK killing.

Researcher Profile

Mark Lowdell has over 25 years’ experience in adoptive immunotherapy of cancer and targetted the role of the innate immune responses; especially the role of natural killer (NK) cells. Initially studying the human immune response to leukaemia, my team discovered the critical role for NK cells in preventing relase after chemotherapy. We went on to discover a unique pathway of NK cell activation driven by the tumour cells themselves and translated this finding into a clinical NK cell therapy. The first generation version was testing in clincial trials in the UK and USA and the second generation product is being developed by INmune Bio with two trials planned to open later this year.

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