What are lysosomal storage diseases?

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Frances Platt


United Kingdom

Funding agency

Wellcome Trust




This video focuses on a rare group of over 70 diseases called lysosomal storage diseases. They are inborn diseases and affect 1 in 5,000 live births. Through this video, we aim to educate people across the globe about the basics of lysosomal storage diseases. This video was made possible by an Enriching Engagement grant to Oxford University from The Wellcome Trust with editorial participation from NPUK and NPF.

Researcher Profile

Our team is composed of Professor Frances Platt (team lead), a world expert in lysosomal storage diseases, Dr Barbara Zonta a neuroscientist with sound experience in public engagement projects, Dr Maria Fernandez-Suarez, a postdoc working on the lysosomal storage diseases field, Ms. Rizwana Rashid (MSc. Pharmacology), experienced in lysosomal storage diseases, Miss Isobel Platt, a Medical Sciences student with experience in public engagement, Mrs. Inma Medina, vice-president of the Niemann-Pick Association of Fuenlabrada and mother of a child with Niemann-Pick disease type C and Dr William Evans president of NPUK and father of a child with Niemann-Pick disease type C.

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