How can you mainstream nature-based solutions?

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Stuart Connop



Funding agency

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union




Nature-Based Solutions are actions inspired and supported by nature that drive positive societal changes. By design, they are cost-effective and provide environmental, social, and economic benefits to urban communities whilst bringing more diverse, natural features into cities, landscapes, and seascapes. Implementing Nature-Based Solutions is complex with many issues to consider. In response, Connecting Nature has developed a framework to help cities and organisations navigate the complexity and unlock the potential human and biodiversity benefits.

Researcher Profile

The Framework was co-produced by a partnership between the academic partners on the Connecting Nature project (Trinity College Dublin, Drift – Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of East London Sustainability Research Institute and A Coruna University) and the pioneering cities delivering nature-based solution exemplars in the project: Genk, Glasgow and Poznań.

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