Monitoring microbial hazards of shellfish using nanopore sequencing

Project specs




Robert (Bob) Hatfield & Andy Powell



Funding agency

Seafood Innovation Fund (SIF)




Microbial hazards in the marine environment can negatively impact the production of aquatic organisms or contaminate seafood, posing a threat to consumers. This project aims to develop new detection tools based on nanopore sequencing to monitor harmful microalgae as well as human and shellfish pathogens, using a one health approach.

Researcher Profile

  • Robert Hatfield is an analytical chemist and research
    scientist in the Cefas Food Safety Group. He has 20 years
    of post-graduate experience working in the fields of
    microbiology and analytical chemistry and molecular
    biology for both commercial and governmental
  • Andy Powell has over 14 years’ experience working with
    human pathogens associated with bivalve molluscs. He
    specialises in water testing for faecal pollutants and
    bacteria associated to climate change and disease
  • Frederico Batista is a molecular biologist with 14 years of
    postdoctoral experience in mollusc diseases. In the last
    years he has also worked with foodborne human
    pathogens (viruses and bacteria) that bioaccumulate in
  • Sharron Ganther is a project manager with an
    Exploration Geology background. She has thirty years'
    experience in project management, mainly in offshore

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