Navigating white privilege – the key to achieving anti-racism in social work

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Dr Tam Chipawe Cane, Karen Okuefuna-Budd



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University of Sussex Impact Funding




Unravelling white privilege can help social workers appreciate and accept racial and cultural needs of ethnic minorities, their experiences and fear of discrimination.

This animation from Dr Tam Chipawe Cane and Karen Okuefuna-Budd at the University of Sussex provides a brief overview of strategies that social workers can use to understand and address white privilege in the communities they serve.

Researcher Profile

Dr Tam Chipawe Cane is a lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Social Care at the University of Sussex. Her work predominately explores implications of the intersections between race, social class and HIV on decision-making processes that affect access to reproductive treatment and adoption services. Tam is currently working on a number of anti-racism research projects with a range of professionals. She has been involved in equality and diversity work with local authorities, fostering and adoption agencies focusing on inclusive practices, and unconscious bias in respect of HIV decision making, racial discrimination and care experienced young people. Tam is a member of the University of Sussex Awarding Gap Committee and acts as a project lead in the School of Education and Social Work, within the EDI committee, focusing on the awarding gap, improving the experiences of BAME students, and decolonization of the curriculum agenda.

Karen Okuefuna-Budd, PTA, MA (PETHs), AASW, is the Director of Practice Learning at the University of Sussex. Karen has been involved in the teaching, assessment, mentoring and support of student social workers, newly qualified social workers , Practice Educators and Practice Assessors since 2004. Karen has a particular interest in reflective practice and has been running a series of anti-racist practice workshops to local authority front-line social workers and to a multi-disciplinary group of professionals within allied professionals including lawyers , nurses and teachers. She has also worked  closely with senior managers including workforce development managers on ways to address racist practices and allyship.

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