Do you know net zero?

Project specs




Millie Prosser



Funding agency

Centre for Global Eco-Innovation (CGE) at Lancaster University part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Carbonbit is the industry partner of the research.




Do you know net zero? Where did net zero come from and what does it actually mean? With the recent flurry of net zero target announcements, it is important to understand what net zero means on a global, national or organisational level as well as some of the fundamental climate science underpinning it.

Researcher Profile

Millie Prosser is a postgraduate researcher working with Dr Andrew Jarvis at Lancaster Univeristy in partnership with Centre for Global Eco-Innovation (part funded by ERDF) and industry partner Carbonbit. She's been researching how local authorities can make carbon visible in their decision-making processes. She's worked on marshalling publicly available/existing methods to develop simple, transparent ways for them to estimate whole footprint (especially indirect or scope 3) emissions in house.

To support this process we looked at developing simple ways to communicate the foundations of climate science and what a net zero target actually means to aid understanding of carbon targets, budgets and management, resulting in this video and paper (in process).

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