PEEK: A social media-based community to aid young people transition to adult healthcare

Project specs


Meredyth Wilkinson



Funding agency

UCL Translational Research Office




The aim of PEEK is to give a voice to young people who are transitioning to adult care through the power of social media. The ethos is Participation, Empowerment, Education, and Knowledge. These themes will help young people to support themselves and each other through shared experiences, Q&A sessions, and discussion of facts and figures about the transition of care.

Researcher Profile

Our team formed from taking part in the UCL ACCELERATE translational medicine team challenge. We all work in medical research but come from different research backgrounds and bring different experiences and expertise to the table. As a team we developed PEEK and were given a grant to launch the project. Our team has grown to include a young person representative and two MSc students.

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