The PFAS challenge: how is Puraffinity solving it with technology?

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Henrik Hagemann






PFAS may be the worst global environmental challenge of modern times, so there’s a need to think outside of the box to tackle these chemicals. Current technologies aren’t able to effectively remove PFAS due to their unique chemical and physical properties, making them highly resistant and stable in the environment and water. Puraffinity’s unique approach leverages science and engineering disciplines to design and manufacture targeted adsorbents that can remove PFAS across a wide range of applications.

Researcher Profile

Puraffinity’s ethos, focussed on creating a better world, is dictated by a belief that with correct multidisciplinary scientific approaches solutions are feasible. As such, the company’s team comprises individuals from varied scientific and engineering backgrounds. The common strong denominator is that all are passionate about generating meaningful and long-term societal and environmental impact. The company also has a very strong diversity and inclusion focus, and our team comprises a range of individuals representing different cultures, ages, backgrounds and levels of experience.

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