How did Planetarie revolutionise the wellness market?

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Stacy Cason






Cannabis produces a variety of cannabinoids which have an intoxicating or medicinal effect on the human body. CBDa is the lesser-known acidic form of the popular CBD. It is more easily absorbed and selectively targets the COX-2 pathway whilst limiting interaction with COX-1. This provides potent pain relief without the gastrointestinal side effects caused by other pain relievers. Planetarie have revolutionised CBDa processing with a new extraction method using only water and organically grown hemp.

Researcher Profile

Stacy Cason – CEO & founder. 15yr in healthcare, Masters in Anaesthesiology (anaesthetist), MBA, Harvard alum.

Ethan Stevens – Chemistry Manager, biochemist & formulator, CBDa expert

Carey Grange – Chief Marketing Officer, recommendation for messaging hierarchy to create optimal delivery to customers

Erin Day – Director of Sales, BS degree, specialist in educating on science topics to customers

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