Do you have the power to stop rabies?

Project specs




Maurice Karani



Funding agency

One Health Research Education centre in Africa (OHRECA), University of Liverpool & the Soulsby Foundation




Rabies is a deadly disease in many parts of Africa. But it’s entirely preventable through vaccination. By vaccinating your dog against rabies, you’re protecting them, but most importantly, you’re stopping them from passing the disease onto other animals, or worse – to people. Epidemiological models have repeatedly shown that it is economically viable to vaccinate dogs rather than treat infected cases.

Researcher Profile

We are a group of scientists involved in developing a business case for rabies control in Kenya. This is in line with the global aim for eliminating dog mediated human rabies by the year 2030. We are collaborating with the government of Kenya through Zoonotic Disease Unit, VSF- Germany and the Machakos county government.

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