Remember The Girls: What is X-linked inheritance?

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Taylor Kane



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Horizon Therapeutics




Women with X-linked genetic disorders, also known as “carriers,” aren’t typically just carriers and often manifest symptoms, in addition to having a 50% chance of passing the condition down to their offspring. Remember The Girls’ mission is to raise awareness of the issues facing carriers of these conditions and to provide a forum for women to share their stories, receive emotional support, and learn how to advocate for themselves and their families.

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Remember The Girls' mission is to raise awareness of the many issues facing carriers of X-linked genetic disorders; to provide a forum for these women to share their stories, ask questions, provide and receive emotional support, and develop friendships; to advocate for increased attention of the medical community to the physical and emotional issues of women who carry X-linked disorders; and to provide financial support to carriers of X-linked disorders for medical treatment and diagnosis, as well as those seeking to build families free of genetic disease through assisted reproductive technologies and adoption.

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