How can SciScore improve reproducibility in your research?

Project specs




Anita Bandrowski & Martijn Roelandse






The inability for scientists to reproduce each other’s work has significant effects on preclinical studies in both delays and expenditure. SciScore is a methods review tool designed to improve reporting standards, to minimize unnecessary delays due to incompleteness and maximise robustness, so that experiments can be reproduced optimally.

Researcher Profile

Anita Bandrowski is a neuroscientist turned researcher in scientific reproducibility and the founder and CEO of SciCrunch Inc, the company behind the SciScore tool.

Martijn Roelandse, also a PhD neuroscientist, worked within the publishing industry for 10+ years, heading content innovation, currently he works with SciCrunch as in Market Development. Burak Ozyurt, a computer scientist, was an AI expert before it was cool! He won various competitions in AI for question answering for biological questions, and is the lead developer for SciScore.

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