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Rachel Pope and Sophie Elias



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Most women experience sexual challenges at some point in their life. They may feel reluctant to seek help for a vast number of reasons, but there is personalized, non-judgmental and compassionate support and treatments at University Hospitals Division of Female Sexual Health.

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Our team of women’s health professionals is dedicated to helping you restore your sexual health, in a setting where you feel safe, accepted and able to speak openly. And we coordinate your care so you don’t have to make appointments with multiple clinicians - we assess your needs and refer you to the appropriate experts so you can start to feel better, sooner.

Rachel Pope, MD, MPH - obstetrics and gynecology, female sexual health and reconstructive gynecology
Anna Myers, CNP - urology, female pelvic medicine, female sexual health
Jean Marino, CNP - obstetrics and gynecology, female sexual health
Sheryl Kingsberg, PhD - behavioral health psychology, specifically sexual health
Erika Kelley, PhD – behavioral health psychology, childbirth trauma; perinatal/postpartum anxiety and depression; and infertility counseling
Karen Connor, PT - pelvic floor physical therapy

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