Why study physics at the University of Lynchburg?

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Eric Goff






The Department of Physics at the University of Lynchburg is located in beautiful central Virginia (USA). Run by a team of world-class physicists, the department boasts small class sizes, a supportive atmosphere, rigorous courses, and opportunities to get involved in exciting new research.

Researcher Profile

John Eric Goff earned his undergraduate degree from Vanderbilty University and his graduate degrees from Indiana University. He arrived at University of Lynchburg in 2002. After seeing his research go viral multiple times, he became sought after by media around the world for sports physics insights. He has a vigorous and active research program.

Crystal Moorman began her astronomy work at the Belk Observatory as a Lynchburg undergraduate, completed her PhD in Astrophysics at Drexel University and returned to Lynchburg as a physics faculty member and as the observatory’s director.

Will Roach earned his B.S. in electrical engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University followed by his Ph.D. in Applied Science from the College of William and Mary. His research interests include material characterization using visible light. His teaching interests include group activities like peer-instruction, laboratory activities that bring textbook problems to life, and integrating computational techniques into courses.

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