Where are Tampa Bay’s hard bottom habitats and why do we need them?

Project specs


Joe Whalen



Funding agency

Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund; Pinellas County, RESTORE Act; National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, EPCHC SWFWMD; TBEP Annual Work Plan, EPA




Tampa Bay is home to unique hard bottom habitats that are visited by an abundance of prized sport and reef fish. To protect these biodiverse habitats, researchers map the bay bottom to better understand the location of these rare and important ecosystems. Learn more about habitat restoration in Tampa Bay by checking out the Tampa Bay Estuary Program’s habitat master plan.

Researcher Profile

1 of 28 National Estuary Programs, The Tampa Bay Estuary Program is a national leader in applying robust, reproducible science and compelling storytelling to drive community decisions and individual behaviours for the benefit of cleaner waters, thriving habitats and abundant wildlife, all of which sustain our economy and way of life in the Tampa Bay region.

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