How do WAIEA water Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) work?

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WAIEA Water Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) make water from air! AWG technology extracts humid air from the atmosphere before condensing, purifying and cleaning it until it becomes the best drinking water on the planet. With no need for plumbing or water source, AWGs come in a variety of sizes ideal for use in homes, offices, community settings, or emergency relief situations.

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WAIEA Water is a cutting-edge supplier of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG). Our mission is to better our health and the health of our planet through a renewable and sustainable source of drinking water. Through AWG technology, we can produce the world’s purest, cleanest and nutrient-rich water while promoting a culture of sustainability. Not all water is made equal. AWG water is 100% chemical and contaminant free and rich in minerals and nutrients essential to healthy living. Make Water from Air.

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