What are the citizen observatories’ achievements in Cos4Cloud?

Project specs




Sasha Woods, Katrin Nolland, Luigi Ceccaroni



Funding agency

European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, and COST action




Cos4Cloud (Co-designed citizen observatories for the EOS-Cloud) is a European project to boost citizen science technologies. Citizen scientists are members of the public who help scientists with research. This can include counting different species in their back gardens to analysing data from space exploration missions.

A major challenge for citizen science projects is keeping citizens engaged to provide regular, quality data. Data is collected through environmental monitoring systems. These are known as citizen observatories and are integrated into mobile applications to be easily used by the public.

Cos4Cloud is working with Nine citizen observatories, covering a wide variety of projects including biodiversity observations, water transparency and air quality monitoring,

Researcher Profile

The Cos4Cloud team is made up of researchers and experts from a large number of different fields, all of which are key to the success of the project.

Cos4Cloud is coordinated by Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (ICM), the fourth largest research institute of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the largest dedicated to marine research.

Various research centres, companies and organizations from eight countries participate in the project. You can read more about them here: cos4cloud-eosc.eu/the-project/partners

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