What makes recipients of change feel more positive about change interventions?

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Gavin Schwarz



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Journal of Applied Behavioural Science (JABS)




This shared governance initiative promoted nurse development, but wasn’t always experienced positively. Researchers learned that first-hand involvement in change activities and leadership supporting nurse development were key. Still, many nurses experienced the change as contradictory and negative. Further details are in the Journal of Applied Behavioural Sciences (JABS).

Researcher Profile

Jean Bartunek is a professor of management and organization at Boston College. I (Jean) am really interested in planned organizational change of multiple types Denise M. Rousseau is a professor of Organizational Behavior at Carnegie Mellon University, focused on evidence - based change practices. Jenny Rudolph was a doctoral student in Organization Studies at Boston College when the data were collected. Currently she is Executive Director at the Center for Medical Simulation (https://harvardmedsimorg/). Judith DePalma was in charge of research at the hospital at the time of the study. She then served on the faculties of Slippery Rock State University and Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. She is currently a writing coach in Pittsburgh, PA.


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