SciAni animation of the year 2022 – #SciAnno

What has 2022 meant for you? Here at SciAni, we’ve enjoyed a year of producing thought-provoking, insightful animations featuring the latest research breakthroughs. We wanted to celebrate our most-viewed animations of anno (the year), so we are introducing a new award – The SciAnno! The competition for 2022 was fierce, with the five video nominees having an incredible combined total of over 417,000 views, but we are pleased to announce the top four worthy runners-up…and this year’s #SciAnno champ. See what all the fuss is about and feast on these viral animations below. 

SciAnno 2022: 5th place… How do natural killer cells target cancer? 43,280 views

Sweeping straight into a spot on SciAni’s wall of fame is How do natural killer cells target cancer? With an incredible 43,280 views, this animation ticks the right boxes for viewers keen to discover the natural-born killers in our bodies that destroy cancerous cells.

SciAnno 2022: 4th place… Plants have an immune system… and it’s complicated 86,000+ views

In fourth place for most-viewed animations of 2022 – but with the second largest lifetime view count overall – is Plants have an immune system… and it’s complicated. Just like humans, plants have an immune system that they use to fend off pathogens and pests. Research involving plant immunity has revealed that it’s much more complex than we first thought! Disease-resistance genes work together in intricate networks to enable plants to detect and resist parasites more effectively.

SciAnno 2022: 3th place… What is anaemia? 63,234 views

What is anaemia? Besides being in impressive third place for #SciAnno in 2022, this animation explains all about the extremely common health condition. It affects nearly one-quarter of the world’s population and is often considered relatively harmless. However, it can be a serious condition with dire implications.

SciAnno 2022: 2nd place… A step-by-step guide to a HIV self-test 65,000+ views

In second place is an instructional video, A step-by-step guide to a HIV self-test, which has helped over 65,000 people protect their own and others’ health through a simple swab. The OraQuick HIV Self-Test provides a quick, seamless way to determine your HIV status – all from the conform of your own home, detecting HIV antibodies with over 99% accuracy.

SciAnno 2022: Winner! How does COVID-19 affect pregnant women and their babies? 159,818 views

With an incredible 159,818 views to date, our most-viewed animation of 2022 is… How does COVID-19 affect pregnant women and their babies? Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been concerns about how the virus might affect pregnant women and their babies, including whether the virus can be transmitted from the mother to child via the placenta, body fluids during delivery or while breastfeeding. An international team of researchers are working with the World Health Organization to provide up-to-date information which can be used to inform and improve care for pregnant women and their babies.

A huge congratulation to all our most-viewed animations nominated for this year’s #SciAnno! Check out our YouTube channel for more brilliant animated research and science breakthroughs. To you, our subscribers, and our partner researchers and organisations – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here’s to an animatedly exciting 2023!