Trash-talk litter: Pick up the latest ‘rubbish’ research for World Cleanup Day 2022

It’s time to get down and dirty and trash-talk litter. No one likes it, and it’s polluting our world. It’s time to take out the garbage. Well, hello World Cleanup Day 2022! Each year, millions of eco-spirited waste-disposal warriors form an army of volunteers who pick up the mess others have left behind. It’s the 17th of September this year, so pencil in this date with your litter picker. Don’t waste time – make yourself in the mood for getting up close and personal with trash with our fresh collection of ‘rubbish’ research, which is anything but garbage. From schools made from discarded plastic and eco-friendly packaging to how to recycle lithium ion batteries, and upcycle metals, our animations will inspire you with others’ efforts to boot waste back to where it belongs: out of our environment.


Classroom of Hope aims to help both end the plastic crisis and provide education to children in Indonesia, building schools from recycled plastic blocks. Not only are these building blocks affordable and durable, the finished schools are also earthquake resistant, providing a permanent place of education for local children.

Innovative synthetic biology research about the biological upcycling of metals, which is helping the Horsfall Group at the University of Edinburgh contribute to the circular economy.

The Danish company, Cellugy, has developed a biocellulose material, EcoFLEXY, as a barrier coating or strengthener for paper and board. EcoFLEXY is manufactured from renewable raw materials, has a low carbon footprint, does not contain volatile solvents, and is biodegradable and recyclable. Cellugy invites you to work together to create more circular products.

Exciting synthetic biology research which is helping the Horsfall Group at the University of Edinburgh contribute to electrochemical energy storage science and a more circular economy.