understanding your animation

What we do at Science Animated

Communicating with wider audiences is an excellent way to inform, educate, and raise awareness of research, both within the research community itself, and with the general public. However, we know that researchers are often too busy teaching, marking, writing grant applications, and writing papers among other things to have the time to communicate their research as effectively as they’d like.

So what can be done to make communicating research easier? Well, in the digital age where almost everyone has a smartphone, videos are the most accessible and easily consumed format of communication and are therefore an excellent way to communicate research. Animated videos in particular can transform even the most complicated scientific topics into easy to follow and engaging content, making research interesting and informative at the same time.

Here at Science Animated, we take the hard work out of communicating your research by transforming your research into an animated video. Our aim is to make the process of creating your animation as simple as possible for you, whilst also giving you the opportunity to provide your input and feedback every step of the way.

To begin the process, we ask you to complete a simple form to provide us with information about the research topic of your animation. You will then be assigned an editor, who will be your guide and point of contact throughout the creation of your animation. Your editor will arrange an introductory video call with you, where you can discuss your requirements, ask any questions, and ensure that you are happy with the process. Next, one of our writers will produce the script for your animation, which will consist of a voiceover script and written descriptions of the visuals for each scene. This script will be sent to you to review and provide feedback on. Once you are happy with the script, the voiceover will be recorded by one of our professional voiceover artists, and we can provide you with a selection of voices to choose from, including a variety of accents.

We then move onto the animation process, where we aim to complete your animation within a few weeks depending on the complexity of your animation. Our animation team will start by producing a storyboard, containing detailed scene by scene static visualisations of your animation which is in effect an enhanced preview of your animation. We will then create the first draft of your animation which will be sent to you to review and provide feedback on. Once any necessary changes have been made and you are happy with your animation, your animation will be finalised and sent to you.

If requested, our social media team will publish your finished animation across the Science Animated social media channels. We will continually monitor your video’s statistics, which will be collated and provided to you as an ‘impact report’, letting you know just how many people have watched and engaged with your animation!

We have a range of animation formats for you to choose from to suit every budget and requirement, including whiteboard animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, and bespoke styling.

Whiteboard animations show simple static visuals being drawn on screen by a hand and is a great lower cost option whilst still being a powerful format for storytelling.

In contrast, 3D animations are an excellent way to show highly complex topics through dynamic and immersive visuals which help bring science to life.

To find out more or to get in contact with us, visit our website www.sciani.com