Bridging the gap between bio-based education and industry in Europe


90-second, bespoke 2D animation to summarise the scope of the UrBIOfuture project and
its aims to attract students and talents to the bio-based sector in Europe.

The Challenge

Ana at Sustainable Innovations ( partnered with us to
create an animation based on the UrBIOfuture project.

The European bio-economy is one of the EU’s most important sectors. It generates trillions of euros and millions of jobs, and it’s also an important part of the fight against climate change. More and more jobs are being created in the industry and the UrBIOfuture project is working with stakeholders across Europe to bridge the gap between education and the industry.

The team at Sustainable Innovations needed to quickly and effectively explain the project to the
media and also to members of the general public that may benefit from the project.

There were multiple European stakeholders involved in the project, all of whom needed to sign off on the final animation.

The Solution

UrBIOfuture had an existing set of brand guidelines and a clear idea of how they wanted the final animation to look. We therefore created original bespoke artwork especially for this project using reference materials provided by Ana.

The challenge was to create imagery with clean backgrounds, solid shapes, and dynamic movement. Our bespoke characters ensured a comprehensive representation of Europe’s incredible diversity, and we kept the focus on Europe by using maps as the backdrop for several of the scenes.

We used UrBIOfuture’s brand colours as the centre-point of the palette for this animation, and we complimented them with equally vibrant tones.

The voiceover artist for this project was selected for her ability to deliver the script with the required balance of authority and affability, and an upbeat and evocative soundtrack was the perfect finishing touch.

Working with a large, international team

We worked closely with Ana to ensure that our production covered each stakeholder’s requirements and expectations for the animation. The result was an informative, engaging animation that beautifully illustrates the importance of the exciting UrBIOfuture project.

The animation has been used at several events for different target groups, from young students to
professionals. It has also been shared on the client’s website and across their social media channels where it is racking up views.

Ana and her team originally booked two animations with us, but they were so pleased with the
results that they booked three more in the same style. Ana’s recommendation has also led to the
creation of an additional animation for the UrBIOfuture project, via one of the stakeholders of the project.

Ana and the Sustainable Innovations team are based in Madrid, so we were also asked to translate the animation into Spanish. Translations allow our clients to achieve a broader global reach with their animations, increasing content impact. We worked with a professional translation agency to find the perfect voice for this animation, then the voiceover was recorded at the correct pace to fit seamlessly into the existing animation.

Ana Martinez, Sustainable Innovations

“I really liked the results! The animation showed the idea and the concept we wanted to transmit really well. I think that there are two key parts of the process that we enjoyed most. One of them is the first script proposal. It’s amazing to see the materialisation of a broad idea into something very specific. The second key part, of course, is the first draft of the animation, when the script comes to life for the first time. Working with Science Animated was very good. Our project manager Sophie is very kind and attentive. She always replies swiftly and provides solutions for all the challenges that translating an idea into an animation poses. Feedback on the animation has been great! Using animation is a nice way to attract people’s attention and to show complex messages in a simple way that can reach a wide range of audiences”.

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