Helping patients with a skin condition to find support

Two-minute, bespoke 2D animation to help promote an innovative product that supports
individuals living with the skin condition Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

The challenge

HidraMed Solutions needed an animation for their website to raise awareness of a painful skin
condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) and to help to promote a product that they had
developed to support individuals living with the condition.

The animation needed to bring the topic to life in a way that was sensitive, supportive and easy tounderstand. Many of the viewers would be individuals who were concerned about their symptoms and yet to receive a diagnosis.

The solution

Regular and effective communication between Suzanne Moloney, the CEO and Founder of HidraMed Solutions, her brand manager and the Science Animated team was critical to the success of this project.
Our initial research and discussion with Suzanne helped the team to understand the facts and
emotions surrounding the condition. This research enabled us to produce imagery that was entirely accurate and in a style that was appropriate, and not too graphic, for a sensitive topic.

The HidraMed Solutions team reviewed examples and options for the bespoke artwork and voiceover, so the project progressed quickly and in line with the company’s needs.

Using supportive imagery and voiceover

The imagery used to explain the condition needed to be accurate but not too graphic as we wanted to be sensitive to those with HS. The animation had to speak sensitively to individuals at an early stage of the condition who may be worried about the future.

We designed a gentle animation with imagery that worked within the brand’s overall image and colour guidelines, the website and social media channels. We worked closely with Suzanne so that the video felt like a supportive message from one person living with HS to another.

The team sourced options for the voiceover with the same regional dialect as Suzanne so that she could choose the one she felt best represented her own Irish accent. This also helped maintain the personal feel that was so important to the project.


Suzanne and her team loved the results and have used the animation on their website to explain the condition: 

They are now using the bespoke imagery that we designed for their brand across their channels and website. So far, the video has attracted over 4,500 views on the Science Animated YouTube channel and many more on HidraMed Solutions’ channels.

Suzanne Moloney, HidraMed Solutions

“I was very happy with the finished animation. It was exactly what I had envisaged, or in fact, even better! The team at Sci Ani created a super video, in line with our guidelines and tone. Creating the script and seeing it come to life was a great experience. Seeing ideas and plans take shape, and watching the animation evolve with each review was great. Sci Ani did a great job, their process is clear and uncomplicated, right from developing the script to the final product. We are using the video to raise awareness of hidradenitis suppurativa, to provide basic information to people who have just received a diagnosis and to create awareness of our brand. The response to the video has been very positive and it features on our website and social media regularly.”

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