How can BloomGenixTM be used to formulate high-performing biostimulants?

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Plants have complex needs throughout development and benefit from a tailored Biostimulant solution to enhance the uptake of macro- and micronutrients, ability to withstand stress and thereby increase crop yield and quality. Biostimulant formulators looking to create highly-effective solutions need a toolbox of functional profiles. BloomGenixTM is an eco-friendly line of ingredients derived from various yeast and plant sources. Created through different degrees of extraction and hydrolysis technologies, these animal-free ingredients help Biostimulant formulators produce high-performance solutions.

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BioNutrients is a global business unit of Sensient Flavors & Extracts, dedicated to creating high quality nutrition and growth solutions. Our commitment to research and development means we invest heavily in our state-of-the-art R&D labs, allowing us to dig deep into the science related to, functional impacts of varying hydrolysis & extraction technologies, nutrient uptake, metabolite production, and increasing microbial biomass, viability and stability. We make products that you need, so we work with you to understand just what that is by applying our full expertise to your challenges.

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