Can the COVID vaccine cause fertility issues? What about erectile dysfunction?

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Gail Brooks



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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)




There’s a lot of talk about the COVID-19 vaccine and its effects on fertility, pregnancy, and sexual performance. But what are the risks, really? Making empowered choices is about finding the best evidence available to look after yourself, your family, and your reproductive health.

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The BLK+Cross is a multi-sector consultancy and change agent ecosystem. Our framework marries technology with culture, data, communication, and community-building, to close the equity gap in organizations, communities, and society as a whole. Its Alive & In Color platform is a Covid-19 community outreach initiative launched in partnership with Fulton County and Fulton County Board of Health, focused on engaging trusted community stakeholders and advocates to meet at-risk communities of color where they are.

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