How does SASPject kill bacteria and why is SASP resistant to resistance?

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Dr Heather Fairhead






Anyone can be affected by antibiotic resistance – ourselves, or through our families or people we know. The Phico team are driven to develop this novel SASPject technology because we all believe it could save lives.

Researcher Profile

Dr Heather Fairhead has a 1st Class BSc in biotechnology from Nottingham Uni and a Phd in molecular microbiology from Sheffield University. Spent a year researching in the US and as a post-doc at the University of Cambridge prior to starting Phico to develop the SASPject concept. Previously a number of years spent in sales and marketing, before changing careers. The team have microbiology/molecular microbiology/biochemistry backgrounds, 3 PhDs, 3 Masters degrees and have helped to bring the SASPject concept to life.

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