What are the key challenges and opportunities to improve global blood pressure control?

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Alta Schutte






Raised blood pressure is the leading cause of death in the world, yet it remains poorly detected, treated, and controlled in both high and low-resource settings. Here, members of the International Society of Hypertension reflect on the unique region-specific challenges that often lead to disparities in hypertension management. Based on these challenges, they highlight opportunities and propose a Global Hypertension Care Taskforce to implement actions to reduce inequalities and address social, commercial, and environmental determinants – to improve blood pressure control globally.

Researcher Profile

A team of almost 40 authors is led by Professors Alta Schutte and Maciej Tomaszewski, the past and current Presidents of the International Society of Hypertension. Authors are members of the Society and represent all regions of the world, bringing unique perspectives to the challenges and opportunities faced at ground level. The informed a collective action plan to improve blood pressure control globally.

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