Love, lies and surprise: The digitalisation of dating

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Ursula is an independent tutor and works for Unicaf University, Cap Langues Luxembourg, Sports pour Tous, Ville de Luxembourg and Commune de Differdange. You can find the book and audiobook for ‘Love in Times of Coronavirus’ on Amazon, under pen name Julia Summerland.

Did Ursula’s findings make you curious? Find more on ‘Google’ and ‘Google Scholar’ and her videos on YouTube by searching for ‘Ursula Schinzel’, and in the links accompanying this episode’s description.

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Dr Ursula Schinzel, Doctorate in Business Administration, online tutor with Unicaf University, Larnaca, Cyprus where she teaches online – in French and in English – the doctoral students, Leadership, Theories of Management, Organizational Strategy and Planning, Innovation, Change, Research Management. She also teaches languages: German, French, Luxembourgish with Cap Langues Luxembourg; and Sports with Ville de Luxembourg She studied international business, management, and human resources in London, Paris, and Saarbrücken (Germany) with internships in the USA. Her areas of research interest include leadership, cross-cultural management, multicultural and multilingual environments, language, cultural dimensions following Hofstede, innovation and change, and online dating. She delivers lectures at international conferences (Academic OASIS, AIB, ANZIBA, BAM, EIASM, EIBA, EURAM, EUROMED), speaking German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Luxembourgish. She is member of the editorial board of Journal of Academic Oasis JOASIS, JSIS and of International Journal of Organizational Analysis IJOA (Emerald). She publishes in Journal of Strategic and International Studies JSIS, Journal of Customer Behaviour JCB, Journal of Business and Economics JBE, and WREMSD. She is author with Frieling-Verlag Berlin of “Love in Times of Coronavirus”, „How to get a Doctorate – and more – distance learning“,„Quelles compétences à l’international – ou – Pourquoi les luxembourgeois sont-ils heureux”, “Reise, Reise”, “Sports in Luxembourg”.

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