PeptiCHIP – how can we improve cancer therapy with tumor fingerprints?

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Sara Feola



Funding agency

Horizon 2020 ERC-PoC grant, Business Finland TUTL, Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation




Cancer immunotherapies must be targeted to the weak points of the patient’s tumor to increase their effectiveness, but existing methods to identify these “tumor fingerprints” are too cumbersome for clinical use.

PeptiCHIP is a novel microchip-based solution that enables rapid, accurate, user-friendly and standardized tumor neoantigen identification from small tumor biopsies. It was developed by researchers at the University of Helsinki.

Preprint of “PeptiCHIP: a novel microfluidic-based chip platform for tumour antigen landscape identification” under review at Nature Biotechnology:

More information on PeptiCHIP:​

Researcher Profile

Sara Feola is a postdoctoral researcher in the ImmunoViroTherapy Lab (IVTlab) at University of Helsinki. She has received her PhD in Molecular Medicine and Medical Biotechnology in 2018 at University of Naples, Italy. Sara Feola is involved in establishing new strategies for personalised cancer vaccine and combinatorial approaches. As the lead scientist on this project she is responsible for assessment of PeptiCHIP’s technical. Please visit the link below to have additional info about the IVTlab.

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