Could prenatal gene therapy become the treatment for sickle cell disease?

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Panicos Shangaris



Funding agency

Academy of Medical Sciences starter grant for Panicos Shangaris & NIHR Clinical Lectureship for Panicos Shangaris Society of Reproductive Investigation (SRI) via editorial work of Panicos Shangaris & Fetal Medicine Foundation, Professor Kypros Nicolaides




Sickle cell disease is a rare condition that has severe health consequences for the affected individuals and can be fatal in childhood if left untreated. Insufficient current treatment strategies create the need to try and cure sickle cell disease in the prenatal stages. Our initial aim is to provide an overview and organise face-to-face interviews that will help us learn more about the stakeholder views.

Researcher Profile

Prenatal Therapy for Sickle Cell Disease (PERICLES) team at King’s College London is working on developing therapies for the unborn fetus affected by Sickle cell disease.

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