What is PriMA: An introduction to the analysis of privacy risks and solutions

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Bridgette Connell



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European Commission




The rapid digitisation of society, characterised by the ubiquity of sensors, interconnectivity, and recognition technologies means acceptable privacy may become unattainable – unless technological and societal steps are taken to allow citizens to regain control of their personal information. PriMA (short for Privacy Matters) aim to train the next generation of researchers: to define, investigate, and implement solutions that ensure secure and efficient privacy protection – whilst keeping the advantages of a digitalised society.

Researcher Profile

Dr. Jim Kok is the coordinator of MAGISTER, the EU funded grant beginning on the 1st September 2017 running through till the 30th of November 2021 for a total of 3.8 Million Euro.
Bridgette Connell is the Project Manger for MAGISTER.

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