Why is minimally processed pet food best for your pet?

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What does minimally processed mean and why is it best for your pet? Watch this short video to learn how RAWZ Natural Pet Food has committed to providing your pet with the closest nutrition to raw food and why that matters for the health and happiness of your pet. As an added bonus, RAWZ donates 100% of their profits to help those living with disability.

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After both their sons acquired life-altering injuries, the Scott Family experienced the spiritual impact a pet can have on a family and healing. Living through that difficult time, the Scott’s received tremendous comfort and support from Boomer, the family’s Yellow Lab. The Scott Family founded RAWZ® Natural Pet Food, Inc. on three, primary principles:

The Next Best Thing to Feeding Raw
The first, to give back to pets for their unconditional love. RAWZ® is a raw food alternative with nutritionally exceptional recipes providing the highest meat content possible, utilizing natural alternatives to highly processed ingredients. RAWZ® is completely meal free, utilizing dehydrated meats as the concentrated protein source.

100% Profits Donated

The second, to give back to people through organizations that help those living with disability. The Scott Family was blessed to receive exceptional services for their sons after their life altering injuries. As a result, the Scott Family has pledged to donate 100% of profits (after taxes and reserves) to three main causes: service dogs, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury.

100% Exclusive Independent Retail

The third, to support Independent Pet Retailers by committing to an Independent Only Distribution Strategy that does not include Petco, PetSmart, Chewy or direct sales to e-commerce.

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